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Tools and Methodologies

Support for RICCAR

One set of tools and methodologies that ACCWaM contributes to is developed within the Regional Initiative for the Assessment of the Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources and Socio-economic vulnerability in the Arab Region (RICCAR) which is coordinated by ACCWaM’s partner UN ESCWA.  ACCWaM is also one of the partners of RICCAR and supports its efforts. The initiative is an outcome of a collaborative effort between the United Nations and the League of Arab States (LAS) and respective specialized organizations to respond to the request of the Arab Ministerial Water Council (AMWC) and the Council of Arab Ministers Responsible for the Environment (CAMRE). The initiative follows the common objective of the Arab States to deepen the understanding of the impact of climate change on water resources and its associated implications for socio-economic vulnerability in the Arab region as well as the establishment of a common platform for addressing and responding these issues.

ACCWaM contributes to the development of regional climate projections and models, the assessment of climate change impacts on water resources in the region as well as socio-economic vulnerability. ACCWaM further supports the development of an integrated mapping system and the establishment of a climate change knowledge hub for the region. These efforts also contribute to regional capacity development and further enhance regional cooperation in the field of climate change and water resources.

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Development of a Climate Proofing Tool

Another focus is the development of a Climate Proofing Tool as part of the climate mainstreaming efforts by ACCWaM. In coordination with the Arab Ministerial Council for Water and the National Water Ministries, ACCWaM supports the integration of climate change aspects into relevant water strategies and policies on a national and regional level. The guideline for climate proofing, which will be accompanied by a presentation to the AMWC and three national workshops, will assist decision makers and practitioner to assess how water related investments (e.g. in infrastructure or planning) could be impacted by or contribute to climate change.


Manual for Sustainable Climate Change Adaptation

Thirdly, ACCWaM supports the development of a Manual for Sustainable Climate Change Adaptation together with ESCWA and ACSAD. The manual will consist of five volumes, namely agriculture, health, water supply and sanitation, economic development, environment. For each volume training will be conducted with regional water actors and multipliers.



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