ACCWAM - Institutional Frameworks

Institutional Frameworks

With the objective of fostering conducive institutional framework conditions for sustainable climate adaptation ACCWaM seeks to encourage principles as decentralised services, subsidiary decision making, multi-sectoral approach and multi-stakeholder participation. These principles will be addressed by a comparative study of on the frame conditions for climate resilient water governance and will then be discussed in a regional conference on this topic. The findings will be communicated to the institutions concerned and will also form the basis for a cross-cutting chapter on conducive institutional frame conditions for the manual on sustainable climate change adaptation.

For the encouragement of multi-stakeholder dialogue ACCWaM seeks to engage with civil society, academia and the private sector alike, e.g. by involving them in workshops.  This also links to the objective of further raising the awareness on climate change and its impacts on the water sector within the region. The adaptation of individuals, households, communities, industries or governments to potential climate impacts first of all requires the awareness and information about potential threats, vulnerabilities and the diverse interlinkages.  The respective activities will be developed in close coordination with national/regional NGOs and civil society institutions as well as in cooperation with the Arab Water Council (AWC).  


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