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Policy and Strategy

Action Plan for the Regional Strategy on Water Security

ACCWaM actively supports the development of an Action Plan for the Arab Strategy on Water Security. ACSAD and the working group are advised on the general structure and the chapter on climate change adaptation. The exchange and input on current themes as climate mainstreaming and climate proofing or the discussion about similar regional approaches (as in an exposure visit to Germany and Belgium) provide further background knowledge for the drafting of a valuable document.    

Following a multi-stakeholder approach, the political dialogue between LAS, private sector and civil society/NGOs is encouraged.


Mainstreaming CCA in the water sector

ACCWaM seeks to foster the integration of climate change aspects in relevant water strategies and policies. A study by a consultant assesses to what extent climate change is already taken into account in the relevant documents of the three partner countries (Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt). On the basis of this assessment recommendations for further adaptation of policy, documents have been formulated and communicated to the policy makers of the three national water ministries and the participants of the Technical Meeting of the AMWC (Arab Ministerial Council for Water). Three national workshops will be held for further discussions and training on how to include climate change adaptation in the water strategies.


Climate proofing for water investments

As one part of the climate mainstreaming efforts, a climate proofing tool specific to the water sector of the region will be developed. The guideline will help decision-makers and practitioner to assess how water related investments (e.g. in infrastructure or planning) could be impacted by or contribute to climate change. This approach and tool will be introduced in the above mentioned national workshops and shared with representatives of Technical Meeting of the AMWC.


Access to finance for CCA

As finances are often crucial to climate adaptation, ACCWaM supports regional and national policy-makers with information and advice on current funding opportunities. Climate finance is another component of the national workshops and is also addressed in the Technical Meeting of AMWC.


Regional representation and consultation on relevant CCA topics in international/global dialogue

To further encourage the regional and inter-regional exchange on climate change adaptation, ACCWaM supports the participation of LAS/AMWC in global dialogue and regional and international fora such as the Arab Water Week, the World Water Week or the African Water Week.  

With the objective of giving valuable and up-to-date input to the discussion of policy-relevant aspects of climate change adaptation within the AMWC, ACCWaM proposes and invites key note speakers to the regular meetings of the AMWC and other events.

A study tour with representatives of the regional partner institutions to Germany and Belgium contributed to the exchange of knowledge and experience about the current debates, knowhow and regional approaches to climate adaptation. Another study trip with representatives of the national water ministries provided them with a wider perspective on policy- and decision-making processes abroad.

ACCWaM is also commited to further improve the sharing of knowledge and innovation in the region and contributes to this objective by supporting the establishment of a regional knowledge hub with ESCWA, promoting the exchange between excellence centers in the region and by fostering the up-scaling from national to the regional level by encouraging the exchange between giz programmes of the water sector in the region and the regional institution.



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