ACCWAM - Activities


The programme’s activities take place in four fields of intervention:

  • Policy and Strategy
  • Institutional Framework
  • Tools & Methodology
  • Technologies & Resource Management Systems


Innovation Arena

Policy and Strategy

Institutional Framework

Tools and Methodology

Technologies/ Resource Management Systems

Main Issues

  • Fostering conducive institutional frame conditions in IWRM for CCA
  • Decentralized services
  • Subsidiary decision making
  • Multi-sectoral approach
  • Multi-stakeholder participation
  • Downscaling of regional climate predictions
  • Impact assessment on water resources
  • Assessment on socio-economic vulnerability
  • Decision support system (DSS)
  • Climate proofing for water investments
  • Adaptation innovation Egypt
  • Adaptation innovation Lebanon
  • Adaptation innovation Jordan
  • Manual: IWRM for CCA (agriculture, health, infrastructure)



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