ACCWAM - Approach



The key methodological approach of the programme is capacity development at all relevant levels by working on regional water governance, in national water sectors and through the implementation of measures at the local level.


ACCWaM’s multi-level and multi-stakeholder activities are interlinked and complement each other.The steps are coordinated in accordance with the partners’ focus and strengths. They aim to reach the development goal of improving the capacities of national and regional water sector institutions to develop and implement strategies to adapt to climate change.

The result model shows the interrelations between the tasks with the different partners and how these tasks contribute to the objective. The capacity development will contribute to further results such as an increase in the number of projects focussing on climate change adaptation and water,  more funding being allocated to climate change adaptation, the implementation of IWRM principles (integrated water resources management) in water institutions and a higher climate resilience of water investments.

These achievements will enhance water resource management to become more climate resilient (indirect result) which is a significant contribution to improved water security in the MENA region in the long term (highly aggregated result).




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