Training of Trainers (ToT) on Mainstreaming Climate Change in Water Strategies in the Arab Region

At: 30-12-2015

A partnership between GIZ- ACCWaM, UNESCO Cairo Office and the Arab Water Council

In Support of the Arab Ministerial Water Council and the countries of the Arab region, the GIZ regional programme ACCWaM, together with the League of Arab States (LAS), identified the need to develop tools and modules for mainstreaming climate change adaption into national water strategies and action plans.

In response, ACCWaM and regional partners organized a training of trainers (ToT) workshop to bridge this gap. It was the first such ToT focusing on the Arab region. The goals is to develop regional training capacities with the ability to draft, implement and monitor water strategies and action plans while ensuring that adaptation to climate change is mainstreamed in all these documents.

The preparation process was inclusive and started as a partnership between the GIZ-ACCWaM programme, the League of Arab States, and the UNESCO Cairo regional office. Subsequently, other organizations (ISESCO-ALESCO and the Ministry of Water and Municipalities in Oman) joined and contributed financially to support participants to take part in the planning workshop held in Sharm al-Sheikh, Egypt, in November 2014, and the ToT training workshop in Cairo from 8 – 10 December 2015. The overall objective of the ToT workshop is to contribute to a "transformative capacity building for water security in response to water scarcity of the Arab region and adapting to climate change and climate variability.

A training manual and a manual for trainers in Arabic are the key outputs of this process.The beneficiaries of the first ToT are Arab countries representatives, LAS specialized agencies (ACSAD) involved in water strategies and planning as well as representatives of NGOs, CSO, and media. For further information on the training and its potential replication by regional organizations or a broader dissemination of the training material, please contact Ms. Yara ElKorety by email .


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