Supporting an ‘Excellent’ Project Proposal for Civil Society Engagement in Climate Change Adaptation

At: 18-11-2015

The regional conference for the project ‘Engagement of Civil Society (CS) in Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) in the Water Sector in the MENA Region’ held on 14 November 2015, in Cairo, marked the final milestone in GIZ ACCWaM’s and AWC’s joint initiative on awareness creation and CS engagement in CCA. The conference was attended by more than 35 key actors from the public, private and civil society sectors from across the region.


The fundraising event was hosted under the umbrella of LAS and in collaboration with the regional partners RAED and CEDARE. In their opening speeches H.E. Dr. Hussein El-Atfy (AWC), Dr. Hammou Laamrani (ACCWaM), Dr. Emad Adly (RAED) and Dr. Amr Abdel Megeed (CEDARE) put the stress on the main objective of the conference ‘to exchange ideas and improve the proposal so that it is excellent enough to attract funds’.

The conference’s program entailed four major parts:
1) the presentation of the project’s framework.
2) the relevance of the project from CSOs’ perspective
3) the presentation of the project details.
4) the working group session to discuss ideas to improve the proposal.

Following the project’s framework presentation, CSO representatives from eight Arab countries, including Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Tunis, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Sudan voiced their current struggles and need for such a regional project tackling the adaptation issue and the engagement civil society. Amongst the challenges they face, are the lack of access to information, the lack of capacity to understand and translate the information into action as well as the lack of their engagement in national and regional strategies and action plans.

The discussion in the working group session centered around the project details and the two questions ‘What other projects can this project link up with?’ and ‘How can this project be improved?’. The answers to the former question included many initiatives such as RICCAR (UN ESCWA, LAS, ACCWaM), SEARCH (CEDARE), GNDR (RAED) and Climate-Risk-Nexus (LAS, WFP, UNDP). Equally comprehensive were the recommendations to improve the project. The participants suggested amongst others to further specify the thematic focus, activities and modality of implementation, refine the target group and focus on a sustainability model for the implementation at local level (revolving fund).


The conference was not only successful in terms of a multi-stakeholder consultation that brought the relevant actors and ideas together to improve the proposal. At the end of the conference several organizations expressed their interest in a follow-up and further talks to support this initiative. The next step will be to include the input from this conference in the proposal and set up individual meetings with the interested parties.


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